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A small folded square of paper into her hand. Ingrid slipped it into her pocket, glancing uncertainly at the girl's parents. Alex emerged just a few moments later, her face glistening with moisture. Just needed to freshen up, she said in a voice loud enough for her mother and father to hear. They reached Louden's office and Ingrid held open the door. Alex Shelbourne looked at Ingrid as she ped. Mr and Mrs Shelbourne. Deputy Chief Louden hurried across the room, her hand outstretched. I'm so sorry we're meeting under such sad cirstances. Won't you take a seat? Thank you for agreeing to meet with us on the weekend, Lisa Shelbourne said, still studiously ignoring her husband. It's the least I can do. For the next fifteen minutes, Louden painstakingly went through the police report with them, patiently google answering the Shelbournes' questions whenever they needed something clarified. Alex Shelbourne remained silent throughout, occasionally throwing Ingrid a look if she happened to glance in the girl's direction. What was going through her head? Is there anything else you need to know? Any ground I haven't covered? Louden finally said as she closed the file on her desk. You've been very thorough, Anthony Shelbourne ured her. Thank you for taking the time to go through the report. The police offered to do it themselves, but I feel... more reured hearing the details from you. Alex shifted in her seat, cleared her throat, then said, Is it possible they've made a mistake? Immediately her parents turned in their seats and glowered at her. Louden did no more than raise her perfectly threaded eyebrows. Alex? her mother said, where has that come from? I'm just saying... She leaned forward in her seat, ignoring both her parents and Ingrid, and leveled her gaze at the deputy chief. Do you trust that the local cops know what they're doing? I can understand your feelings, I can really, Louden said in a voice so gentle Ingrid couldn't quite believe the words were coming out of her mouth. You want to know nothing has been overlooked, no piece of evidence, however small, has been missed. Rest ured, here at buy youtube views the emby we all want that just as much as you and your parents. She smiled an ingratiating smile. The Metropolitan Police Service is one of the best in the world. I have every confidence in their competence. She patted the file to reinforce her point. But even buy youtube views though all of that is true, we take our responsibilities toward US citizens living in this country very seriously. Which is why we have our own officer on the ground to carry out an independent investigation. She turned to Ingrid. Agent Skyberg--were your findings any different to those of the police? Ingrid hadn't prepared for such a direct question. She remembered the note Alex had slipped her. What did the girl know? Was she about to drop a youtube bombs? She glanced at Sol, who was pulling his gravest face, his eyes urging her not to let him down. Not to contradict the deputy chief. Louden steepled her hands and leaned her chin on the tips of her buy youtube views fingers. The Shelbournes were all leaning forward in their seats expectantly. The room was painfully silent. I have full confidence in the Met, Ingrid managed. They would have left no stone unturned. Her stomach muscles tightened. She watched as Mr and Mrs Shelbourne slumped back in their chairs, relieved. Everyone seemed to exhale at once. Everyone except Alex Shelbourne. Ingrid felt bad about giving such a resounding endort of the police investigation when she